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CSIR-IHBT, Siemens Ltd., Festo Controls Pvt. Ltd., CoreEL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Nova Southeastern University, USA , Bosch-Rexroth India Ltd., Central Tool Room and Training Centre, Bhubaneswar, The British Council, Indian Association for Cultivation of Science , MA FOI Management Consultants Ltd., INDOCAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, KTENG, South Korea, ED Co. Ltd.


The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a premier industrial R&D organization in India. It has created a niche for itself in the fields of Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Food Processing, Metal, Minerals, and Manufacturing, to name a few. CSIR is involved in generation of knowledge and technologies, development of product and process, and helping academic, industry-based institutes in creation and dissemination of technical know-how, products, and processes. By being a partner in research collaboration with CSIR, CVRCE has been able to utilize certain know-how and technologies enabling it to carry on industry-based research in fields concerning health, environment, and rural sanitation. CVRCE has been granted permission to innovate new technologies and products with the R&D back up from CSIR-IHBT. The CSIR has also pledged to support CVRCE in imparting and conducting joint programmes like Master’s and Ph.D. programmes in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Nanotechnology. As an associate of CSIR, CVRCE will also have access to laboratory facilities and technology developed at CSIR-IHBT for knowledge dissemination and training.


CVRCE has entered into a contract with Simens Limited, Worli, Mumbai, which will provide its students training in Basic PLC (Simatic S-7 based), Basic AC/DC Drive, Basic Switchgear/Motor, Basic DCS (Simatic PCS-7 based).

Festo Controls Pvt. Ltd.

CVRCE has succeeded in roping in industries to be partners in its progress. As part of its ambitious effort to enable students to be highly employable with hands-on-work, CVRCE has opened in its campus the Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre Gold, simply called FACT Centre Gold for Process Automation. Training is imparted to students of Mechanical Engineering in learning, handling, and maintaining Automation, Vacuum Generators, Electrical & Modular Valve Terminals, Gantry Loader, Optoelectronic Checkbox Systems, Electric Drive Automation , Pneumatic Drives, Servo-Pneumatic Positioning Systems, Electrical Positioning Systems, Vacuum Technology, Handling And Positioning Systems, Valves, Valve Terminals, Control Technology, Sensors, Image Processing Systems, Compressed Air Preparation, Tubing And Tubing Connectors, Vacuum Generator, etc. On successful completion of training courses, students are awarded with Industry-ready Certificates. This is one of the training provisions at CVRCE which contributes to a high rate of placement year after year.

CoreEL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

CVRCE is a proud partner with the Bangalore-based CoreEL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., a Synergistic Value Added Technology Products and Solutions Provider. CoreEL is a leading provider of VLSI & Embedded System design services and Intellectual Property. It provides services to a broad customer base comprising Defense and Aerospace, Telecommunication and Networking, Homeland Security, Broadcast Video and Education segments. It also undertakes manufacturing of hardware for providing end to end solutions in the System Design space. In the field of Mechanical Engg., it provides world-class software tools in the area of Stress, Dynamics, Aero elasticity, Rotor Dynamics, Multi discipline Optimization (MDO), Multi body dynamics (MBD) etc. In the field of Telecommunication, its technologies involve T1/ E1/ E3/ DS3, SONET/ SDH technologies from OC-3 to OC-192 with Expertise in development of framers and mapper IPs and hardware development, Packet switching, routing and deep packet inspection, Networking - TCP/IP, UDP, IPv6, ICMP, ARP, RARP, DHCP, DNS, PPP. Implementations in software and hardware, Resilient Packet Ring (RPR - IEEE 802.17), ATM - PPP over ATM, IP over ATM, PPP over Ethernet, ATM QoS, ATM signaling (UNI, NNI, PNNI, IISP) AAL, ATM over Ethernet – CIF, Routing - BGP, OSPF, RIP, Multicast – IGMP, etc. In the field of Computer Science and Information Technology, its software and hardware services, as the case may be, help Feasibility analysis, Specification, System level modeling, Hardware-software design partition, Hardware and software development, PCB Fabrication, Unit and integration testing. CoreEL has been providing support to CVRCE by engaging its students with the Industry on a regular basis to understand the needs of the industry and accordingly update the syllabus.

CoreEL has been in charge of upgrading the infrastructure in VLSI, Embedded Domain and other information technology-related topics. It also facilitates CVRCE to procure various industry standard hardware and software tools pertaining to VLSI, DSP, Embedded Domain, and Information Technology in a view to ascertaining state-of-the-art hardware and software are provided to students on a time-saving frame. CoreEL also conducts Faculty Development Programs from time to time in order to update faculty members of the recent developments in the industry in the related field. Students are regularly updated about all such industry-academia events. CoreEL’s initiative in this regard is facilitated by its Xilinx-CoreEL VLSI-FGPA Centre of Excellence at the CVRCE campus. It will help CVRCE impart certified training training programs for students in week-ends, evening classes, etc. In addition to the above stated steps. Further CoreEL is likely to provide Internship to CVRCE students at CoreEL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore as well as with its vast customer base. At present CoreEL’s product/training going to be available at CVRCE include: XILINX Range of Software and Boards (KITS), Mentor Graphic’s HEP 1, HEP 2 and HEP3 category of EDA Software, Wind River’s VX-works RTOs, OPAL-RT-ELECTRICAL LAB, ARM, TI, etc.

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

IBM’s partnership with CVRCE is accentuated with the establishment of the IBM Software Centre of Excellence at CVRCE campus. The CoE is responsible to provide IBM Career Training to students of CVRCE. The state-of-the-art IBM Lab at the CVRCE campus is well equipped IBM hardware and software and the training is imparted by IBM faculty. Besides conducting technology seminars twice a year, the IBM CoE provides to CVRCE students enrolled in B.Tech. and MCA over the semesters :

  • All IBM Software
  • For Engineering Stream:
  • Application Development using JAVA, Information/Database Management, Software Quality Management, IT Service Management, Embedded Systems Development
  • For MCA Stream :
  • Application/Development Using JAVA, Information/Database Management, Software Quality Management
  • For MBA Stream :
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Business Transformation using Service Oriented Architecture.
    The IBM Career Education course is basically meant for students of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Information Technology (IT), Electrical and Electronics Engg. (EEE), Electronics and Telecommunications Engg (ENTC), etc.


CVRCE is eager to collaborate in R&D work, in addition to providing Training and Placement to its students. If it has partnered with industry stalwarts like IBM, CoreEL, Festo, etc., it has also reached out to Nova Southeastern University (NSU), USA. CVRCE has signed an MOU with NSU, the USA’s seventh largest, not–for-profit independent university which is internationally recognized for its innovative oceanography programmes. In this collaboration, CVRCE will start BS & MS programmes in Coastal Zone Management, Marine Environment & Biotechnology & other exclusive programmes on Oceanography. Students of CVRCE can opt for Bachelor of Science in Marine Professional Studies, M.Sc. in Costal Zone Management/Marine Environmental Science, and B.S./M.S. 2+3 Program of NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, USA at CVRCE under Credit Transfer system. Student Exchange Programme will be hopefully one of the best facilities in this area in future. In other words, CVRCE students will be found more suitable for attractive jobs in the Indian Navy, private and government shipping companies, and for research work in industries and universities in marine science all over the world. B.Tech students in the concerned discipline can avail this global opportunity at a cost-effective manner.


CVRCE has achieved a landmark in R&D in the field of Mechanical Engineering by partnering with the internationally famous company—Bosch Rexroth—and manifesting its presence through the Bosch-Rexroth-C V Taman College of Engineering Centre of Excellence.

Dedicated to the vision of providing Drive and Control solutions , Bosch Rexroth AG, Lohr am Main, Germany, the parent company of Bosch Rexroth (India) Ltd.,. is the supplier of choice to more than 500,000 customers for high quality electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechatronic components and systems. As the Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries in the technology fields Electric Drives and Controls, Industrial Hydraulics, Mobile Hydraulics, Linear Technology, Assembly Technology and Pneumatics.

Last two decades has witnessed a tremendous surge in the application of Automation Technology in Indian Industries partly as a means to reduce the cost of production and partly to improve the quality of their products so that they become competitive in the international market. This has become necessary after opening up our economy to the global market. Automation requires knowledge in drives and controls, which in turn requires insight in PLC, Sensorics and Mechatronics. Full benefit of automation can only be realized when fundamental principles governing these areas of study are properly understood.

With a view to producing trained personnel for automation in industries C. V. Raman College of Engineering (CVRCE) has gone into collaboration with Bosch-Rexroth, Germany who are market leaders in drives and control equipments. This has resulted in establishment of a state of the art training centre at CVRCE campus.



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